My reading goals for 2017


Each year I set myself a reading goal using Goodreads, and in 2016 it was the first time I didn’t meet my target of reading 40 books for the year. So in 2017 I’m trying again. This, however, is a rather broad long-term reading goal, so I thought I’d break this down into smaller chunks. After recently being introduced to bullet journals, I’m really loving this ‘smaller chunks’ idea and love ticking things off my daily lists. So, I present the list of my… um… reading goal list! Smooth, Mel…

  • Read for 30 minutes each day – This should easily be achievable with my commute to work, but if I happen to drive rather than catch the train I should easily be able to read before bed (and not binge watch shows on Netflix).
  • Read between 3 and 4 books each month – This will be difficult if I don’t read daily, but so far this month I’m on track.
  • Get all my research for Uni read by February 3 – I actually don’t think I can physically do this, but putting in a massive chunk of effort this month will be good in any event.
  • Keep up with my book club reads – I’ve recently joined a book club through work (this time, it’s one I am not running, which is excellent) and I am usually very good with reading our assigned books, so this should be achievable if I stay on top of points 1 and 3.
  • Listen to an audiobook once every two months – I used to have an Audible subscription which I had to cancel because each month I’d download a book and never found the time to listen to them, so I’m trying to get through my back catalogue. In January/February I’m listening to Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, but so far I am only 6.5% of the way through.

Do you have any specific reading goals for the year?


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