Tara Moss Q&A

Thanks to Dymocks Adelaide, my lovely friend Diane and I were lucky enough to go to a Q&A session with Tara Moss on Wednesday night at the Belgian Beer Cafe. This was a free event in a lovely, warm surrounding, and we were pleasantly surprised to receive a glass of champagne on arrival, which set the tone for the excellent night ahead.

Before the session began Diane and I were chatting away (about how attractive Dothraki men are, to be honest) before Tara Moss surprised us by sitting in the spare seat next to Diane and chatting away with us. She said it’s something she usually likes to do before a show to ‘freak people out’ but Diane took it all in stride, highlighting the other celebrities she’s met and Tara joking along with us. She then gave us a ‘cheers’, clinked her glass with ours and proceeded towards the front to begin.

She was here to promote her latest book, The Fictional Woman, which Diane gifted to me on the night as an early birthday present, so I am only 3 chapters in. Despite the title, the book is a memoir of sorts but it is more than that, as it combines memoir with data and information on the different labels women face and what those labels mean in terms of our standing in the world. So far it’s an extremely interesting and thought-provoking read.

Tara Moss is an ex-model and is predominantly known for her works of crime fiction (this book is her first work of nonfiction). Crime fiction is not a genre I read very often so I have never read her writing before, but became interested in her when I saw her on a talk show recently and heard just how articulate, intelligent and inspirational this woman is. Those same qualities absolutely shone through again at this Q&A session and I was utterly delighted to have met such a beautiful woman, both inside and out. From my early read, I truly feel this book is for everyone. All in all, a wonderful event, and one I shall remember for the longest time.


8 thoughts on “Tara Moss Q&A

  1. It was a lovely way to spend an dreary Wednesday evening in Adelaide, Melsy! Thank you for asking me to come along with you! And I agree with everything you said about Tara. She was such an intelligent, articulate and engaging speaker. I’ll probably finish her book this weekend!!

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