Breaking the rules

Recently, I did something I never thought I would do; I broke my number one book rule. I actually don’t know how many book rules I have; they have never been documented before, and instead were just something that existed in my own mind. Yet, I knew that this rule breaking was a big deal for me – a lifetime event, if you will. Something I thought was worthy of a blog post. So, what was this crime, I hear you ask. Read on, and I shall confess…

First, I should list my book rules. When I say ‘you’ in the below, I am referring to myself, as I don’t impose these rules on others (unless I’m lending you a book, in which case rules 2, 5 and 6 definitely apply to you).

Bookabye Baby’s book rules

  1. Always finish every book you start. Getting published isn’t easy. Someone put a lot of time into that shit! I don’t care how much you hate it, you finish what you start.
  2. Don’t ever read in the bath. Why would you do that? You love your books. Don’t destroy them.
  3. Don’t get drawn into any debate about eReaders versus printed books. Who are you to tell people what is ‘real’ reading? Be happy there are still people reading.
  4. Don’t be a book snob. You know you loved the Twilight series and are partial to Dan Brown. Own it.
  5. Don’t write in the margins or underline things. Remember when you did that with some of your books when you were younger? You can’t get that shit out, and you wish you could.
  6. Try not to fold down the corners of the pages. I know you like to do that so you can refer to passages later on, but you have a babillion bookmarks, and notepads. Use them. It’s ok to do this to library books.

Ok that seems to be all the rules I can think of. So, what was it that made me break rule number 1? I hear some guesses for Anna Karenina – not true! I have not finished this book, that is true, but I have every intention of giving it another go. Anna has not been abandoned! Instead, for this historical event, we turn to none other than a woman I actually admire, Hillary Clinton. Ah, Hillary, I’m just so sorry, but Living History goes down in history as the only book I have ever completely and utterly abandoned. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get beyond 6 pages. I just didn’t care… I went 30-odd years happily reading away, finishing everything I started, and then you came along, Hillary. Really, it’s you who should be apologising to me, for ruining such a good run.

So, now that I’ve broken my number one rule, will I make a habit of it? I’m certainly not intending to. It did feel a little liberating though…

8 thoughts on “Breaking the rules

  1. I totally agree with your rules. Except this year I broke rule 1. I just couldn’t get through (whisper it) Wolf Hall. I’d saved it up, everyone loved it, its been showered with awards – but I couldn’t get on with it at all. 300 pages in (ie about half way) I thought “Why am I torturing myself with this?” and stopped. No regrets!

  2. My number one reading rule? Life’s too short to read crap! (And there has been some serious piles of crap that have been dried out, flattened, printed on and formed into books.)

  3. There is a beautiful octogenarian in my book group, she applies the 50/50 rule to books, either 50 minutes or 50 pages. If in that time the book hasn’t grabbed your interest, move on! I agree with my friend, there is so much worth reading, don’t sweat the dross! I made several attempts to read Anna Karenina as a young woman, at 58 yrs I loved it and think it deserves a reread to pick up nuances a missed the first time around.

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