New bookshelf needed

I always knew I had a book hoarding problem, but it has seriously exploded in the last few months. It’s not always my fault though! I’m surrounded by enablers. Not that I am complaining – I love having books and receiving them, even if I sometimes feel overwhelmed by how many books I actually want, but haven’t yet had a chance, to read. I present the following exhibits of my recent purchases/donations from friends.

Naturally, right before Christmas, a bunch of my favourite authors released books I wanted, so these are books I have recently purchased. So far, I have only read Doctor Sleep from this pile.


After taking the photo above, I realised I forgot to include one of the books I am currently reading which was also a recent purchase, so here’s that. This was referred to as a ‘masterpiece’ by the ABC’s Book Club TV show so I couldn’t wait to read it.


When in Tasmania back in September, my sister and I went op shopping, and, because clothes never actually look good on me, I ended up spending my money on books instead. These are the ones I bought from the Salvation Army.


A couple of bookstores had some awesome bargain book sales recently, so I did some more shopping and bought these…


The Adelaide City Council library had some more sales of ex-library books in recent months, so I picked up some more bargains…


And finally, my dear friend Diane donated a bunch of books to me when she was recently decluttering her bookshelves. I am told I will be receiving some more, which just makes me incredibly happy 🙂 This is the bounty already received from her:


I haven’t done a complete count of my bookshelf tally lately, as I have read a few from the shelves recently, but my books-in-my-shelf-I-will-read-one-day tally is now approximately 280!

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