My writing: Transitions

When I was young, you were my best friend.
Laughter filled you, and radiated out
so that all who knew you would laugh too.

I used to roll my eyes at the dad jokes
but would love to hear them now.
That side of you has been silenced.

The camera does not lie, and so we see the truth.
That inside, you feel only pain.
Your eyes no longer smile along with your mouth.

We used to bring you joy too, or so it seemed.
But now you prefer to be solo
and sit alone in silence while the world moves around you.

The only thing that soothes you is the bottle
or so it seems, but when the bottom has been reached
you seem even more distant than before you began.

We try to help you to help yourself
because we don’t know this stranger.
But your reluctance helps no one and you keep slipping.

Slipping away from those who love you.
It’s like we’re watching you fall, and we reach
but you don’t reach up to meet us, so you keep falling




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