Let’s Talk Books

So it’s probably obvious to my readers by now that I love all things bookish, and could talk about books at any time of day with anyone. I started a book club at work so I could do just that – talk about books. So it’s no surprise that, when I saw an advertisement for a new book discussion group being put together by the Salisbury Library Service, I was keen to attend.

Delayed in June because of a power outage, last Thursday night I attended the first meeting of the Let’s Talk Books discussion group. I turned up a little early and feared I’d be the only one there when I walked past an empty room that had been set up for the evening. Thankfully, others trickled in and a small but comfortable group of 7 of us, plus the library staff member, went on to discuss what we’d recently been reading.

I had a fantastic time! There was another lady there in her 30s, so I didn’t feel out of place, and there was a good mix of reading genres discussed. Some of the group liked crime fiction, others liked non-fiction, and some admitted to reading the Fifty Shades trilogy. And, much to my delight, the librarian in attendance expressed her dislike for Life of Pi and The Great Gatsby, so was a woman after my own heart. I will definitely be attending monthly, schedule permitting, as the hour absolutely flew by and I could have quite happily stayed for another.

Are you a member of a book club? What do you think of them?

7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Books

  1. I generally pretend that I don’t read both at work and online. It’s my deep, dark secret.

    Also, nothing wrong with reading Fifty Shades. Nothing wrong with it at all. Now, if you LIKED Fifty Shades….that’s a different story.

    • This one is more of a general book discussion group than the book club I’m in at work. This one with the library doesn’t have monthly set readings (at least, not at this stage) so people just chat about what they’ve been reading in general. Perhaps something like this would suit you more?

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