Birthday Book Bonanza!

Books for my birthday are always an excellent idea, and it’s usually the time of year I’ll treat myself to some after getting some birthday money or vouchers. I can never have enough books, even though I already have enough here to read in my lifetime (not to mention the many I borrow or download as ebooks). Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a few shots of this year’s bounty.

This first photo shows the books I received as gifts.


This next photo shows what I purchased with money from relatives thanks to a mammoth Book Depository sale.


This next one wasn’t strictly a birthday present, but a guy from work got sent two of these by Book Depository, so gave one to me (I missed out on this one in their sale because my PC borked):


And last but not least, here’s what I bought myself with a Dymocks voucher I received (have been eyeing off the Beatles collectible since Christmas):


Post-birthday book bonanza, my new books-in-my-shelf-I-will-read-one-day tally is now 251!

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