Melbourne cuisine

So, it seemed like ages that I was waiting for my brief holiday time to arrive and before I knew it, it was over, although I’m sure that’s how everybody feels about such things. I had a fantastic time in Melbourne and recharged my batteries, something I really needed to do. I took my camera but forgot to take any photos, but it was much more of a ‘lounge around and relax’ kind of trip rather than a ‘visit the tourist spots’ trip. Because of that, this post is more about the food we had. I overindulged a fair bit as I have been on Curves for three months now and decided to treat myself a little.

I arrived on Saturday afternoon, quite hungry, so a late lunch was had and then a lovely night out for dinner later at Ashscott’s Restaurant. I had the seafood risotto and my friend had the pepper steak, and we were both really pleased with our meals. The risotto portion was huge so naturally I picked out the seafood and left half my rice there. Win! We could not resist having dessert either, so I had the chocolate mousse (omg, YUM!) and my friend had a lemon meringue tart, which looked great but the tart base was like rock unfortunately.

On Sunday night we decided to see World War Z at the Crown complex so braved the cold and dodged the rain to go for a walk along Southbank before making our way to La Camera Restaurant, a great Italian place that overlooks the Yarra. I had the Cotoletta Di Vitello Ripieno (crumbed & stuffed veal) and my friend had a steak although I can’t remember the cut chosen. In any case this time we both cleaned our plates and decided not to get dessert, and instead went and checked out the Lindt store before making our way to the cinemas. I really enjoyed the film. It was one of the most intense ‘I can’t relax during this’ movies I’ve seen for a while.

The rest of the time was pretty quiet due to a combination of rainy weather and sheer laziness. It was perfect. We did spend some time watching all three films of the Millennium trilogy (the Swedish versions) which I thoroughly enjoyed. Before I knew it, it was Tuesday and time for me to head home. Back to the regular routine!

In terms of books, I finished A Prayer for Owen Meany while I was away, and will be posting a review soon. I’m still working through Catch 22. I have too much I want to read right now. I got a massive book bounty for my birthday, both as gifts, and purchases I made with gift vouchers and birthday money received. I’m waiting for the last of the purchases to arrive from Book Depository before I post some photos and update my bookshelf tally.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend 🙂

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