A positive

It’s been a pretty ordinary day today, mostly because my ex just changed the car insurance into his name today and then had an accident on the way home. Thankfully all involved are fine and it was pretty minor, but I feel so much guilt over the separation I just want to help him, to rescue him I guess. I know logically it has nothing to do with me, I just felt so bad already about what his insurance premium was, about his financial situation, and now this makes it all crap again.

But enough about my messed up sense of duty. One positive thing did happen today, and that was that I got home from work to find a parcel for me from The Big Book Club. Seems I had won myself a book pack! More books to add to my ‘when will I ever read all these’ pile.

After receiving these, my new count is 234 books to read in my bookshelves (I’ve already read Jasper Jones, which I highly recommend by the way).


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