Book Review: Is It Just Me?

A friend from work let me borrow Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart because we are both big fans. If you haven’t seen the UK sitcom Miranda and are a fan of a bit of old-style British humour, I definitely recommend checking out the show as I find it hilarious! This ‘best of’ clip on YouTube provides a taste:

Anyway, so it was with great delight that I read this auto-biography of sorts, as the writing style was just like listening to Miranda speaking in person. Each chapter focuses on a different life topic, such as marriage, beauty, dreams, etc., and throughout the pages Miranda often consults with her 18-year-old self as she discusses her views on all these topics. Some of the chapters have fun little checklists at the end of them and all in all it was a great light read that I devoured rather quickly. It wouldn’t be Miranda without some self-deprecating humour and there were hilarious stories of things that had gone wrong, which made me laugh out loud at times (thank goodness I didn’t read this one on the bus).

I imagine only people who are fans would pick this one up but it’s worth checking out if you feel like a few laughs and can relate to being a thirty-something who doesn’t quite fit societal moulds.

Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart: 3.5 out of 5 stars


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