Perhaps I’ve bitten off more than I can chew

The smart thing to have done before setting myself such a large challenge would have been to do some research. Now, it is too late, the challenge has been set and I have just done the background checking of the Man Booker prize I should have done beforehand. Here are the numbers, up to the 2012 shortlist:

  • 255 books in the shortlist
  • 4 of these read to date (a pathetic number)
  • 5 others from the list in my ‘waiting to be read’ shelves.

That leaves 246 to borrow from the library.

If I read, say, one of these books a month (on top of my other reading commitments, I think even that is a bit of a stretch), it will take me just under 21 years to complete my challenge. Methinks I won’t need to buy any more books for a very, very long time!

My first goal: get through the borrowed books I have and catch up on my book club reads, and then start picking these off my shelves. Oh, my.

4 thoughts on “Perhaps I’ve bitten off more than I can chew

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